Voxim Co.,Ltd.

Voxim Co.,Ltd.


Having won a multitude of excellence and design awards, VOXIM continues to advance with its development of innovative, high quality, world class ergonomic office chairs. With all products designed and developed in-house, VOXIM continues to be a major supplier to the Asian contract furniture market,as well as enjoying a continuing export business to all corners of the globe.

VOXIM is immediately recognized by the aesthetic,modern design of its unique products, all of which make use of private tooling and molding to the utmost advantage.

The VOXIM team comprises leading talents in the areas of design, R&D and marketing whose knowledge of the industry, products and materials is vast to say the least.

VOXIM service, whether processing, manufacturing or shipping orders, is renown for its professionalism, efficiency and zero tolerance for error.

Whether seeking office furniture seating of affordable excellence,home office, public areas or any seating requirements, one need go no further than VOXIM.